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Anchor Flank & Pinch (AFP) is the wildland firefighting training services partner of Intellic Technologies. AFP’s custom-tailored training programs incorporate real world scenarios into lessons that reveal and explain tested and proven strategies and tactics for aerial and ground attack. AFP’s team has over a century of combined wildland firefighting experience, and all are steeped in the science behind safe, effective and efficient response to any type of incident.

Field Training

In-field training exercises developed specifically for your team, based on real world scenarios.

Apply lessons learned in the classroom on live fire simulation exercises.

AFP provides a comprehensive performance review and evaluation process that complements current industry standards.

AFP maintains active relationships with current wildland firefighters who are available and ready to train.

In addition to aerial training, AFP instructs on best practices for crews working on the ground.

Classroom Training

An engaging course curriculum and discussion led by a cadre with decades of aerial and ground firefighting training and education experience.

Classroom discussion and exercises that enhance tactical CRM between flight crew members and ground forces in order to achieve mission objectives with a safe, effective, and efficient goal.

Used as a time compressed tactical exercise for group settings. Sand Tables also serve as tools for After Action Review (AAR) discussions, as well as creative, and visual environments for sharing creative strategy/ tactics, lessons learned, and best practices.

History, structural dimensions, and rules of engagement for operations within Incident Airspace.

Basic information on the concept and implementation of the ICS, with emphasis on air and ground operations.

Identify and discuss key visual indicators of fire behavior, emphasizing Incident size-up, and communicating, indicators to incident commanders, chief officers, aviators, ground forces and coordinators.

Intellic Aerial Firefighting University

Intellic Aerial Firefighting University is your one-stop shop for comprehensive aerial firefighting training. Intellic offers certified alternatives to official interagency-sanctioned courses as well as supplemental discipline-specific and career-changer course tracks.


  • Course completion certification recognized by contracting agencies, United States Forest Service and cooperators to satisfy pilot training requirements

  • Convenient on-site option

  • Scheduled courses offer more planning flexibility than Agency options alone

  • Innovative content delivery and interactive, “learn by doing” methodology promote greater retention

  • Personalized coursework, evaluations and assessments are available to students and their organizations


  • Aerial Firefighting Fundamentals and Aerial Firefighting Refresher will be provided in the fall of 2024 (exact dates will be announced at least six months in advance)
    • Onsite portion of training courses will be delivered in the Western United States (specific location TBD)
  • Dates and locations of courses delivered at customer facilities will be determined at the time of purchase order issuance
  • Future open-enrollment course dates and locations will be determined in accordance with demand


  • All Intellic Technologies courses utilize online, self-paced micro-learning modules that foster student-instructor interaction and provide collaborative progress tracking
  • Intellic Technologies classes are recorded, with edited recordings provided directly to customers
  • Copies of course materials are provided to students at the end of each course
  • Simulations utilize FS3D software and compact, portable hardware, allowing students to complete simulation exercises remotely

Course Offerings:

  • Appropriate for all personnel engaged in aerial wildland fire management in the United States (pilots, crewmembers, managers and dispatchers)
  • Covers and extends National Aerial Firefighting Academy I and II curriculum
  • Cadre composed of former and current NAFA instructors
  • Innovative blend of self-paced, live virtual and in-person learning
  • Built to foster student interaction throughout
  • Immediate performance feedback and progression tracking
  • Designed for the experienced wildland fire pilot
  • Equivalent to National Aerial Firefighting Academy III
  • Cadre composed of former and current NAFA instructors
  • In-person and virtual options
  • Covers and extends National Aerial Firefighting Academy I and II curriculum
  • Innovative blend of self-paced, live virtual and in-person learning
  • Provide Type 2 and 3 helicopter pilots access to training that will enhance their operational effectiveness and safety

High-Fidelity Aircraft Simulators

Expand your training with an aircraft simulator that incorporates all of FS3D’s fire simulation capabilities. 

At Intellic Technologies, every day is a training day.

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