High-Fidelity Aircraft Simulators

Expand your training with an aircraft simulator that incorporates all of FS3D’s fire simulation capabilities. 

With the power of mixed-reality visualization systems and standardized flight control interfaces, a single physical simulator platform base can be easily configured to create a realistic cockpit environment for either rotor-wing or fixed-wing aircraft in single-pilot or multi-crew configurations. Available for purchase or lease, in fully self-contained trailer-mounted systems or in shippable kits designed for semi-permanent setups, users can shift live flight training time to simulator work and enjoy the benefit of experiencing a highly realistic fire environment at the same time.

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How It Works

Intellic works with personnel who perform every role in wildland firefighting. The user community supports a vibrant simulation ecosystem the same way popular online multiplayer games thrive through active user participation. Higher-fidelity aircraft simulation encourages more frequent use by offering pilots the ability to stay current on aircraft-specific procedures while saving money for companies by reducing the live flight time pilots need to pass check rides for both type ratings and red cards.

The more FS3D is used, the more opportunities occur for users to practice both commonplace and rare situations in the fire environment, with experienced firefighters in the same scenario, contributing to the realism and providing valuable feedback to trainees.

The Intellic Technologies high-fidelity, reconfigurable aircraft simulation platform consists of these main components:

In contrast to traditional multi-display or projector-driven simulators, extended-reality (XR) visualization dramatically reduces the computing requirements for stunningly realistic experiences. The benefits: dramatically smaller physical footprint, much simpler setup, less electronics heat and electricity consumption, lower maintenance costs.

High-Fidelity Aircraft Simulators utilize market-leading mixed-reality headsets with sophisticated live video passthrough technology to seamlessly blend stunning digital recreations of aircraft with physical replicas of key components, such as flight controls and radio stacks, while allowing flight crews to see each other, read checklists, and write notes.


“Seat of the pants” experience is impossible without an appropriate seat. Intellic Technologies works with various seat manufacturers to offer cost-effective replicas of OEM seats in many aircraft commonly used in wildland firefighting.

• Yoke or cyclic
• Rudder pedals or anti-torque pedals
• Flap handle

• Throttle quadrant
• Collective

• Landing gear handle
• Tiller

• Attitude indicator/artificial horizon
• Heading indicator/compass
• Altimeter
• Speed indicator
• Engine panel
• Radar altimeter
• Firefighting tank quantity indicator
• Lamp test buttons, caution/warning silence buttons

• Radio stack
• Autopilot
• Transponder

• Lights
• Parking brake
• Pitot heat
• Fuel feed
• Firefighting tank drop controller
• Drop button/marker smoke button

Every aircraft-specific component can be customized to match the look and functionality of a particular aircraft. Customization includes physical placement, look and feel, and functionality.

Mixed-reality capability revolutionizes aircraft simulator design by eliminating the need for tiled flat-panel displays or wraparound projection systems, while still accommodating normal viewing of physical controls, screens such as iPads running ForeFlight, handwritten notes on kneeboards, and crewmembers. Aviation authorities such as EASA and the United States Air Force have certified mixed-reality simulators for pilot training and certification purposes (https://www.loftdynamics.com/ and https://sgp.fas.org/crs/weapons/IF12257.pdf). The three-dimensional nature of the simulated content provides a superior immersive experience to traditional simulators, while the elimination of screens allows dramatic miniaturization of the complete working setup. The component costs of both the screens and multiple computers required to power them are eliminated.

Starting with either a single-pilot or multi-crew baseline configuration, Intellic designs cockpit layouts and customer-specific elements, such as tank drop controllers, to specification. All controls replicate the real aircraft’s functionality. Custom-designed flight yokes, cyclics and collectives are available on order. The complete system can be integrated into a climate-controlled, generator-driven trailer with facilitator and debrief stations or delivered as a shippable, modular setup suitable for austere office or warehouse environments with no unusual space or power requirements and no need for permanent modifications to the facility. Both options can be purchased or leased.

Trailer purchase or lease options include one day of onsite training in equipment use, as well as maintenance and support for up to one year or for the duration of the lease. Modular systems come with one day of onsite setup assistance and one day of equipment use training, plus support for up to one year or for the duration of the lease. Priority support and extended plans are also available. All purchased equipment includes a one year warranty, with extended warranty plans available.


  • Custom-designed to your specific aircraft, whether fixed-wing or rotor-wing, single or multi engine.

  • High fidelity to customer-specific aircraft configuration.

  • Compact, simple design that’s easy to operate and maintain.

  • Superior cost-effectiveness compared to traditional flight simulators.

  • Compatibility with the FS3D ecosystem built in.

  • No need to dedicate permanent, specialized facility space to an aircraft simulator.

Features (Common to all options)

Physical characteristics and placement of aircraft controls and instruments match real-world aircraft configuration.

Fixed or rotor wing controls customized for individual aircraft.

Interactive instruments and aircraft system logic designed to replicate customer-specific checklist procedures.

Mixed-reality headsets allow natural interaction with the real world while providing a superior visualization of the simulation environment.

Internet-capable for software updates, remote support and multiplayer simulation.

Designed for heavy use and frequent relocation.

Shared Cockpit Fixed or Rotor Wing
(Trailer or Modular)

  • Pilot-copilot arrangement with physical pedestal matching aircraft-specific layout

  • Optional third seat

  • Separate facilitator station

Single Cockpit Fixed or Rotor Wing
(Trailer or Modular)

  • Single-pilot arrangement with cockpit layout matching customer aircraft layout

  • Optional rear seat

  • Separate facilitator station

(Single or Shared Cockpit, Fixed or Rotor Wing)

  • Fully self-contained simulation training environment
  • Generator-powered, climate controlled
  • Highway licensable
  • Mobile internet ready
  • Provisioned for external power and terrestrial internet
  • After-action review/debrief lounge capable of accommodating four included

(Single or Shared Cockpit, Fixed or Rotor Wing)

  • Designed for common-carrier shipments
  • All packages fit through 36” doorways
  • Modules are individually assembled before delivery, minimizing setup time and complexity