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We are improving the safety, Effectiveness, Efficiency, and intelligence of wildland firefighters around the world.

The Intellic team combines respected scientific experts and experienced, trusted fireline leadership under a singular focus on capturing, testing and sharing knowledge that matters. We’re connecting wildfire training services and virtual reality simulation software, setting the standard of excellence in strategies and tactics for aerial and ground incident command training programs.

Real-World Without the Risk

Seamless, targeted experiences provide the most realistic scenario training without putting people in the way of danger. Utilizing virtual reality environments provides real-time multi-user interaction from wherever trainees are located.

Shorter Qualification Periods

Wildland firefighting and emergency services personnel are required to complete extensive training regimens to promote to advanced positions. These training regimens can take months or years to complete — our goal is to shorten this time frame while improving the experience for both trainer and trainee.

Customized Training Programs

From bespoke in-classroom course curriculum, to in-field exercises developed specifically for your team, our experienced personnel tailor programs to meet your specific needs. Our FS3D digital aircraft fleet represent all of the aerial attack vehicles in operation today.

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Wildfire Firefighting Strategies

Connecting the Science

With the growing impact of climate change and increasing threat from wildfires, we strive for better-managed wilderness and landscapes using optimal fire management and suppression tools and tactics that help save lives, property, and our natural surroundings. Led by experienced and trusted professionals, the Intellic team is steeped in wildfire science. We’re creating training services and software with the latest knowledge and strategies to provide the most effective aerial and ground training possible.

Virtual Reality Simulations

Connecting the Technology

Our founding mission is to improve and connect wildland firefighting training to technologies in ways that create better outcomes for society at large. At our core is improving the safety, effectiveness, efficiency, and intelligence of our wildland firefighting community. Combining the intuitiveness of sand table exercises with the immersion of virtual reality, our FS3D software and hardware platform creates an immersive, high-quality, scenario-based wildland fire training environment and is accessible to every organization and firefighter worldwide.

Wildfire Firefighting Strategies

Connecting the Training

Driven for the greater good of wildland firefighters, we understand that we are here to support those putting their lives on the line when they hit the fire lines. The Anchor Flank & Pinch division provides expert training services that integrate field exercises, classroom training, and FS3D virtual reality simulations to develop the best, safest, most professional, effective, and efficient firefighters in the world.

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Case Study


The United States Air Force selected FS3D for development and delivery of immersive simulation-based training for the MAFFS program, an Air Force capability that provides surge support to the civilian aerial firefighting fleet in times of high demand.

Demonstrated mobile, modular, small-footprint, high-throughput immersive training stations to all four MAFFS wings during two preseason training events in May 2021.

Delivered an enhanced prototype system with advanced flight controls, improved VR performance, and a more compact, powerful laptop in a lightweight, durable shipping case.

MAFFS-modified cockpit recreated from photos and descriptions of instrument/flight computer operation with full PFD, flight director and autopilot functionality.

Using FS3D, MAFFS pilots experience the complications, errors and omissions of the real fire environment before facing life-and-death decisions while dealing with them.

Experienced and Trusted
in the Wildfire Community

The Intellic Technologies team combines respected scientific experts and experienced, trusted fireline leadership under a singular focus on capturing, testing and sharing knowledge that matters.

AFP Trainee reviewing simulation
Training with FS3D Simulation Software

We’ve Created a Collaborative, Global, and Virtual Workplace

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